Mini Marketing | Intro Package

Mini Marketing | Intro Package

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Are you trying to manage your social media platforms but have little time to step away from your passion? Are you clueless on where to start for social media? Do you realize the importance of social media but don't have time to manage your media while getting steady flow in business?

No worries! The Mini Marketing | Intro Package is perfect for you! We take all of the guesswork, planning and social media strategy work out of your hands so you can focus on your vision and business! This a great place to start and go as your grow.

Take a look at what all is included in this monthly package:

  • 60 minute Monthly Brand Vision meeting
  • 3 - Month Marketing Strategy
  • Custom Social Media Imaging
  • 2-3 weekly Instagram Posts
  • 2-3 weekly Facebook Posts
  • Specialized Hashtags

+ Audience Engagements

Social media is literally a world within a world. It involves community, communication and interaction. In order to see your business grow, engaging with your audience is a MUST! 

But we must say, it does require a lot of time. So let us use our time to engage with your community while you focus on the important stuff!

What we will do is engage with a number of NEW people in your audience Monday-Friday. We have a special technique of finding people and potential customers who we believe will be interested in your community, product and/or services! 

The goal of engagement is to increase your brand awareness, increase followers and/or increase sales. 

You also have the option of adding other social media platforms to your package for an additional fee. 

We want to help you focus on what's most important to you and what you're most gifted in! This basic package will cause you to never have to worry about these social media platforms again! We also meet with you every month to clarify your vision and understand your monthly goals for your company.

If you also need help with social media advertising and photography, consider our Basic, Silver, Gold & Platinum Packages!



*All Social Media Marketing and Management Packages are based on a monthly rate. Each selection can be customized to include services to fit your business needs.*