Ideas to Invoices: Course

Ideas to Invoices: Course

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Ideas to Invoices is a 6 Week Course designed to take the amazing ideas you have in your head and make it known to your audience. Then we'll teach you how to get paid from it! In essence, we will be coaching you on how to start your business/service. 


Who is this for?

Anyone who has had a burning idea that they believe will solve a problem for someone and they can produce income from it. This is primarily for people who have a service-based idea however if you have an idea for a product, please email us if you have questions if this may work for you at: Here are some services you may have in mind:

- Cleaning

- Marketing

- Copywriting 

- Cooking Services

- Virtual Assistance

- Graphic Designer, etc...


What You Will Gain:

It’s simple. Your idea solves problems for others. We have learned and embraced from our mentors that problem solvers get paid. Through this 6 week training we will walk you though how to release your ideas. We will teach you how to market in a way that your target audience can understand and engage with.

After we create clarity around your ideas and messaging, we will give you step by step what to do to get your ideas from stuck in your mind  to paid for your services.

Why Group Coaching?

This is one of the most exciting parts of the program, the exposure. You will have a chance to get live feedback from not only Jerred & Kiara but other consumers and entrepreneurs about your products or services. This feedback positions you to get your message in front of the right audiences, the right way, at the right time. That’s where the results follow.


How and When will we meet?

We will be announcing the next start date soon! . We will have lessons, assignments and live Q+A Sessions. During our live Q+A sessions you will also have the opportunity to get feedback about where you are in your business and guidance on what to do next. 


BTW… I remember people saying our ideas were crazy. We were going too far... Now we turned our crazy ideas to our full-time business with a team of help. We’ll gladly share the roadmap and support you need like our mentors did for us. It makes all the difference to be around people that get it. We get it. We get you. We got you. Let’s go.


What's Next?

Purchase your spot in the program and expect an email from our team in the next 24-48 hours about your next step!