How to Create Your First E-Course
How to Create Your First E-Course

How to Create Your First E-Course

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Creating e-courses is an amazing way to deliver information to your audience is a concise, easy-to-learn way! If you are a content creator, entrepreneur or natural teacher - this program will teach you how  create your very first e-course.


Here's What You Will Learn:

1. How to properly outline & structure your course

2. How to organize your content in a way that is easy to digest

3. Tips for recording your course and creating your presentations

4. Suggestions on where to host your platform


Here's What to Expect From This Program:

1. Step-by-step virtual course on how to create your e-course

2. 2 LIVE group Q+A sessions with me 

3. Get two hot seat opportunities to get feedback from your group on your e-course

BONUS: You'll have the opportunity for me to do a final review of the course you created and tips on how to improve it (for additional fee). 


The course will open on 9/7/2020.