3 C's Implementation Training

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Often times sales don't come in because customers don't know you, your company, or what you do within your company.

They need the 3 C's to start buying from you: Content, Consistency & Courage.

In this training we dive into strategy on how to connect with your target audience at a greater level. In addition to providing a strategy our team coaches you and your team through implementation virtually. We offer an opportunity to share screens and show you live behind the scene examples of how we utilize the 3 C's.  

We clear the path to model which kind of content to create, how to gage and specify consistency requirements, and what is needed to show courage in your presentation and how you can create opportunities to your target audience to take courage and connect with you as well. This eliminates the need to only expect to find your customers. It illuminates a reality that customers are looking for you and the solutions your products and services bring while showing you how to allow them to find you with effective application of the 3 C's.

In the ideal situation you or your team have already established a product or service to serve a predetermined target audience. 

However, in many cases industry leaders know who they want to serve and how they want to serve them but are stuck on how to actually engage with that audience effectively without spending tens of thousands of dollars on ads in test rounds. After the test rounds its often found that much of the ad spend was not successful. Later on it can be found which ads in the ad set had a chance to succeed just to pour more into the ads to maximize the ROI and processes and hopefully get out of the negative into a position of profit.

This call reversers the order of events and omits areas that are too costly. We give specifc strategy for your business to utilize the 3 C's at a low time and low cost threshold so you can maximize your funds and advertisement budget to leverage in a system and precess that has already shown success before thousands of dollars are tested on an ad.

The Three C's:

Content - Where your target audience finds you.

Consistency - Where your target audience trusts you.

Courage - Where your target audience transforms into your customers.