About Us

Hey Y'all! We are Kiara & Jerred, the faces behind MTM Creative Imaging & Co. We both had a love for photography but after getting married in 2013 and starting our YouTube career in 2016 we fell in love with our cameras and social media even more.
We fell in love with media and marketing so much that we wanted to gift our passion to even more people! So, we went from "Meet the Masons" Married, to Marketing. 
In 2017 we were blessed to give birth to our first baby girl and through documenting our journey, we were discovered on Youtube by UPtv and casted on their show Expecting in May 2018!
She has been one of our biggest blessings and has brought such a joy to our life! 
After Kiara enjoyed her time as a stay-at-home mom, we decided to launch our business! We have a heart for small businesses, start-ups and family-owned companies (and really anyone who wants to step up their creative imaging)!
In 2020 we had our first son. He is happy and fun and a great playmate for his big sister read to and take photos with. They are already great behind the lens.
Creative Imaging comes in the form of photography, videography, graphic & logo design. It can be used for social media marketing, branding, memories & more. 
Again, welcome to MTM Creative Imaging & Company!
We can't wait to work with you!
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