Video Business Card (VBC)

Video Business Card (VBC)

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Is your elevator pitch too long?

Is your brand story as vast as your company history?

We help guide you in maintaining the attention of your audience with a high quality video business card.

Long story short, we make your long story short. This is one of the most efficient ways to answer FAQs, build rapport and value before meeting your clients and customers on the phone, online or in person. 


What to Expect


Once our team completes your custom VBC your customers can be informed with:

- Your story, Your Message & Your values

- How your product or service makes their life better

- What you do & How to contact you

- A call to action on how to move forward with your company.

- We will deliver a High Quality HD 2-3 Minute VBC to effectively communicate with your target audience.


Note: We have options to include drone footage based on your video preferences.


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* Each VBC is customized to your business preferences and needs. Video Business Cards start at $2997.