We didn't start where we are today.

We didn't start out as copywriters, coaches, or consultants… we were not

marketers, or social media marketing agency owners with clients and content

around the world. We literally started with a wind up camera as a gag gift…  

Now we serve copywriters, coaches, consultants and some of the most creative,

thoughtful and profitable companies in the world.  

One of our 1st deals was with a multi billion dollar company. 

Shortly after another multi billion dollar company wanted to do business with us  

as well. The 1st deal was exciting… they found us and asked to pay to reuse our

old content… 

That was a hint that we had something special…  The next deal was an interesting 

combination of excitement and rude… The organization wasn’t rude… we were

rude… to ourselves… our craft… our education, training and experience… we

almost literally priced ourselves below the threshold to reach an agreement with

our target market… Let me tell you what happened… We presented our offer... we

showed what we planned to do and how... and they loved every bit of it… until the


They said thanks for being so thorough… They were really impressed… and

would love to do business with us… however, unfortunately our price was too

low… their system couldn't process a payment at the amount of the total balance

for our offer… 

I was thinking… Hold up… are you saying yes and no? LOL

They continued with… Please resubmit the price section so we can move


Oh sure… We can fix that right away... 

Quickly our prices were resubmitted for acceptance… all I could think was did 

all of our other customers know that we priced way too low and just didn't say


Then it hit me… excellence has a cost.

However, the cost is the cost listed and agreed to…


Since then we have had multiple contracts and opportunities from billion dollar

companies, million dollar businesses, to businesses just starting out and

everywhere in between. One common thread that connected our services to their

smiles of relief after we connected was we delivered quality social media solutions

to provide what we call the 3 C’s. They are: Content, Consistency, & Conversions.

Each of our clients has a product or service that they believed in… they were

making money but they were stuck… people knew about their business

endeavors but there was still this void… a real disconnect… so much so it was

killing their effort from the inside out… they had a plan but missed the area of

strategically placing their content… now all of them had a ton of content but it

didn't hit home the way it did after we connected.... They were consistent in so 

many areas but their social media was lacking… this hurt because every time they

go online they see someone else with a less than product or service selling out

and they have old inventoried ideas that didn't turn into invoices or they have

surplus stock on the shelves from last season in physical or digital offers… But

they know they can’t stop doing what’s already paying them to try to figure out

social media… or even worse… they know how to maximize social media but

can’t always find the time… and all that time their business is not marketing they

know they lose money, brand awareness, and try to pretend they are okay with

their ever shrinking effectiveness after every social media update that comes out

every 3 days… 

The bottom line is they know they are not converting where they could be if they

they had an effective and skilled team to focus on their media, messaging, and

market. They are muted… they want their social media voice to be magnified but

they can’t commit to the time requirements… every 3 days they were thinking they

would try again… and ever 4th day they are reminded they have to work in their

business and can’t work on their business… 

This is where we come in to guide you. You know what your business needs. You

know what's missing from the vision you see on the inside… your vision is still

there but your hands can't do it all and your team if you have one is not cutting it.

You know it’s going to cost you but you would rather pay for help than pay the

price of never getting help…


Our team at MTM is the help you need.


If you need a strategy we will guide you with a marketing map to champion your

goals. If your team is running without a pilot we can come and steer them in the

right direction. Or if you don’t have any media support and you’re stuck posting

on your own we won’t leave you alone… We have your back. We take that off your

plate so you can focus on why you started your business in the first place… we’ll

help you make more time for what matters most to you. You want a quality brand,

time to focus on your customer experience, work life balance, or time to spend

with those you love… you can’t keep doing it all and expecting to have time for it


What’s the catch? How do you know I don’t have time to do all the things I love?

How do you know I don’t post that much or my target audience is not engaged

with my business? It’s easy… if you had the conversions you dreamed about you

would be focused on keeping your promises to your customers right now or

spending time with those you care about… You wouldn't be reading this far… but

you are… And we know what it is to offer excellence and be overworked… with a

towering to do list… and a lacking media management… But we also know what

it’s like when our clients come and say they actually have time to help their kids

with their homework… they went on vacation… or they made in less than a month

what some people made in over a year, or Hey, that social media platform you

recommended actually does fit my business model and it’s my lead sales

generator now... it's the best when they say guess that I did last weekend?.... I

laid my butt in the bed… and my customers though I was online all week because

of you and your amazing team managing our media platforms and converting. So

much more is possible when you have a team that takes the time to understand

your vision and join you in accomplishing that and more… 

You may think “some companies just don’t get me”… “I tried an agency before

and they left me high and dry”… “my coach only wants to help with what they

think I should do but not what I desire”… we get it… we get you… we don't know

all your story but we want to learn how we can help from where you are now…

Now we will be up front our prices are not cheap anymore… we learned that

lesson years ago.... But we also want to remind you (even though you don't need

it…) your dreams aren't cheap either… Give your forever goal a 90 day system

filled with strategy and support… see if you 10 year goal gets closer, your 5 year

goal seems soon and your one year goal feels like a blink away after 90 days. Why

90 days? 

If it could happen in 30 days or less every single time everyone would do it. We

recommend 90. It takes work, it takes effort and it takes time to engage and

cultivate your audience to recognize a habit change. With the strategic application

of content, consistency and conversion you and everyone in your company can

see the difference… 

Click the link below… schedule a time to connect with our team… 

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Don't wait too long our calendar fills up fast… if you think we’re a good fit, follow

through… if not you know we are here to help… we get you... and when you ready

to get your time back, ready to boost your content, consistency, and conventions

let our team answer the call... You know what your business needs better than

anyone else… you know when to make a move better than anyone else… your

business wouldn't be here without you and can't accomplish your goals without

you having the support in the places you need it the most…

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