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4 Ways to work with mtm

You didn't start your business to run a marketing company... However, we did. Let us focus on the marketing. That's what we do best. You focus on your business and keeping your promises to your customers. It's what you do best.

Let us do the Work

You want to do it on your own... but you dont want to do it alone. We understand. It's like playing sports we know how to stay on the sideline and coach you to victory. We will chart out strategy, give you guidance and be near when you need perspective.

Coach With Us

You know where you want to go. But you feel like your are off course. Of course you are. Which is why we made these courses for you. We provide step by step lessons to get you on the right track. You know where you want to go. We help you shape the how-to-get-there part.

Take A Course

Invest into the expertise of social media marketing strategists. Our #1 Best seller is our 12 Month Marketing Strategy Session. You'll be sure to get crystal clarity for the year. If you have a burning marketing question on how to launch or clarity for your brand, 4 60-90 minute strategy call may be perfect for you!

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We Help Businesses Create: Content, Consistency & Conversions

via Social Media to Attract their Ideal Clients.

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Meet Your Strategists & Brand Consultants

Hey Ya'll! It's Kiara & Jerred, the faces behind MTM Creative Imaging & Co. First things first, what in the world does MTM stand for? Welp, it stands for "Meet the Masons". We went from Married to Marketing. Our love for marketing started after we began our journey on our YouTube Channel. Our YouTube Career is what founded our mutual love for social media marketing & management. It has been a perfect transition to our team helping businesses grow from muted to magnified in the marketplace. Today we handle every element of online connections for business owners from photography, videography and branding to content creation, campaign management and marketing needs. (More About Us)

MTM Creative Imaging & Co.

We are your internal social media and marketing team.

Now that we are connected you can begin the jouney of focusing on what you do best and let us do the rest when it comes to your social media, content creation, marketing & management needs.

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